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We save your money.

Save up 59% on costs and reduce procurement time by 85% by using Part2b manufacturing services.

Our company was founded four years ago by Erman Ekler, a technical executive with a background in machine design who wanted to change the traditional way of producing custom machined parts. In his career, he was involved in more than 60 projects. He experienced difficulties while he had custom machined parts produced in local shops in Asia and Europe. It cost a small fortune to have machine parts produced in quality and to get them delivered on time. Also, most of the productions in machine shops were not trackable. He decided to develop a system to solve all these problems thus make having custom machined parts accessible to all. After long years of spending on aggressive research and development activities, Part2b Engine was developed.

Part2b manufactures custom machined parts with high precision and quality to meet customer needs and delivers these parts in a very short time wherever they are in the world. In addition, our company re-creates the parts that are no longer produced at the most affordable price. Click the button and meet our unique parts!

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