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Accounting Support

Our accounting support that helps you about all payment process, automatizee the procurement tasks and reduce the total time you spend.

Flexible Payment Choices

Cost Reduction

Integrated ERP

Customer Services

Our special customer service assists you solving issues, reducinge the time you spend, and empowering your technical procurement stage effortlessly.

Account Manager

24/7 support

Live Issue Tracking

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Part2b ensures 100% statisfaction guarantee to all its customers. This is our-key business commitment.We respond swiftly to customer dissatisfaction and resolve in 72 hours at the latest.

Resolve Center

100% Guarantee

72 Hours Rule

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I would like to contact a specific Part2b employee.

You can contact the Part2b Operator directly by calling +90 (212) 706 02 30 and selecting option 3.

I am on the Part2b.com website and I need to know where I can purchase specific products in my area.

Availability of where to buy information varies across the diverse Part2b.com catalog. If there is purchase information available, it can be found on the specific product page. If you do not find what you are looking for, please check back. We are continually updating our where to buy information.

I would like to introduce my company or provide a service to Part2b. Who do I contact?

The only option for introducing your company or service to Part2b is to access the website: https://www.part2b.com/contact-us

At the bottom of the left column on the page under “Potential Suppliers”, select “Interested in Becoming a Supplier” then click on “Supplier Registration Portal”.

Click on the button underneath “Need to Register?” to get started.

I would like to check on the status on my Part2b job application.

Go to the Part2b Careers website. Under the “Search & Apply”, you can view your application status by logging on to your account and see the status for the positions you have applied under the “My Job Page” tab.

Have a new product idea or a suggestion about an existing Part2b product?

Part2b accepts unsolicited ideas on products or services that meet certain criteria. Unsolicited ideas, suggestions, proposals, product concepts, and the like must be submitted online.