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CMM Measurement Services

CMM measurement is a precision process performed by means of specially designed coordinate measuring machines. In industries where quality is always a priority, the preferred CMM measurement processes should be performed with precision to facilitate inspection processes and introduce certain standards to part production.

CMM measurement

What is CMM measurement? How Is It Done?

CMM measurement is performed in order to get the most accurate reference measurements of a part. Thanks to this process, which we can also define as three-dimensional measurement, it is possible to determine the measurements of the parts according to the X, Y and Z coordinates. CMM measurement service is a service provided to reproduce parts that have finished production or to evaluate the quality standards of the productions.

CMM measurement is conducted with devices capable of three-dimensional measurement. This process uses hardware and software specifically designed for 3D measurement. The CMM measuring machine consists of a control unit, body, slide, electronic ruler, probing system and a computer with software that helps to obtain the 3-D results of the measurements. CMM measuring equipment has highly precise structures. There are different types of measuring machines according to usage. Measurement is usually carried out by reading the signals that is received as soon as the probe touches the surface of the corresponding part using electronic rulers, and then by completing the measurements of the part at the X, Y and Z coordinates. There are 4 Common CMM measuring machines, fixed, portable, laser and articulated.

CMM measurement

CMM Measurement Inspection Service

Part2b is here to meet with all your inspection requirements, whether you work with inspection capacity, or need extra capability, we can help your requirements and decrease the pressure. Having many years of experience manufacturing measurement equipment and using CMMs, our engineers design and build practical and economic solutions to help your business.

You determine quality with CMM measurement

Thanks to the CMM measurement inspection service, it is possible to measure industrial parts in the most precise way. In this measurement process, where there can be a fairly small deviation, such as 1 micron, it is possible to determine quality standards and prepare models of valuable parts reliably. With the CMM measurement service, it is possible to make the same models of finished, difficult to supply or high-cost parts. In this way, new parts are produced.

CMM measuring service is preferred especially for following purpose;

  • When it is necessary to model parts that are no longer manufactured or have no original in 2 or 3 dimensions,
  • In cases where designs deemed inadequate are required to be detailed and revised,
  • When there is no access to the modeling and design documents required for the production of a part,
  • When comparing similar types of parts with each other is required,
  • When it is necessary to check and analyze the amount of wearing of a part,
  • When it is necessary to add new features and to improve the features of designs.

In cases where reverse engineering is required, it is possible to obtain any information about the design of a part in the most precise and reliable way with CMM measurement, which gives highly functional results.

What advantages does the CMM measurement service offer?

CMM measurement or traditional metrology techniques are used to make 2-or 3-dimensional modeling of a part. In traditional measurement techniques, the part in question must be manually aligned and placed. The margin of error for manual operations is always very high. In addition, manual alignments cause the measurement process to take much longer. In traditional metrology, measurement is performed with different devices for the size, form, position and orientation of a part. Coordinate Metrology makes all measurements in a reference system.

Trust you need in CMM measurement service: Part2b

With regards to both hardware and software, to achieve precise and reliable results in the CMM measurement process it is required for a combination of the most accurate solutions. The accuracy and reliability of the results provided by the CMM measurement inspection services increase along with good software. In Part2b, we serve every industry with confidence with our experience. In order to save time and cost, we offer the required processing and production processes in the simplest conditions with our services that you can choose.

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