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3D Drawing Service

Helping customer to generate 3D models.

We should think about the best tools and processes to finish your design when you want to develop a product prototype. The three ways to make prototypes are subtractive producing CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine parts, injection molding, designed to manufacture prototypes or additive producing 3D drawing. It is very important to see the differences between these three types of product enhancement processes to pick the right technology for your project and specify if 3D drawing is the best option. Because there are some diffrences between CNC machine and 3D drawing. For instance, one of the convenience differences of 3D drawing is that it produces less waste than CNC Machining. Because CNC machining operates by removing material from the workpiece to build the desired result, there is some excess and wastage. 3D drawing only applies the material needed. Our team work analyze and understand your needs well and decide to best option for your business.

We are a leading company in the custom machined part industry, constantly innovating and developing its capability to supply high-quality, expedited and cost-efficient 3D drawing processes. Our professional team creates customized prototypes, functional components, and complex designs according to the customer’s needs and requests. Part2b 3D Services Unit stands out from among its peers with its undertaking to deliver accurate and repeatable product to the customer. You are at the right place for high-quality and efficient 3D drawing and production of inaccessible parts in minimum time and cost.

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