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CMM Measurement

Quality control service for your precise parts.

CMMs play an important role in a number of industries as functional, fast, accurate, reliable and economic measuring and inspection instruments. CMM Service Unit gets high precision and accuracy. Because accurate dimensions can be obtained just by knowing the coordinates and distance between the two reference points.In addition, CMM is very easy method. For examle, we are operating inspection on surface plate then it is quite time consuming measurement. Where CMM can position a part in three axes in one axe. It can place a part in drawing direction with reference points easily.

Data can be comparing directly with drawing dimensions. This can occur part reference system very easily with operator defined orientation also. This technology executes 3D measuring for configuring accurate parts. By using CMM service, Our customers can get ahigh-quality 3D model of any requested parts for reduced costs.

Reverse engineering can be applied to produce new parts when the original one is currently unavailable or inaccessible to the customer under the CMM services. Beside this, we instantly inform our customers about time of processing and manufacturing

Save your time and money.

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