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Non-contact Inspection

Measurement service for contact service parts.

Part2b offer two separate inspection technologies for contact and non-contact parts.

The contact parts are controlled with a probe however noncontact parts, as their name denotes, measure with absolutely no contact or probing. They involves a digital procedure. This inspection solution is called for its very important capabilities and durability as an industry “workhorse.” It overcomes a lot of problems for shop environments because of its ability to withstand contaminants including oil, water, dirt, dust and so on. Further, optical comparators are economical and, if serviced well, can perform for many years. It is not unusual to see the same comparator on the shop floor for many years.

Non contact systems can ideally employ therefore measuring soft, deformable, sensitive work pieces. We prefer to employ non contact inspection for your precision parts. We have microscopes, profile projectors, vision measuring machines and laser micrometers to implement non-contact inspection. After all, in general, laser systems are highly preferred by companies that always strive for accuracy and efficiency in obtaining sensitive measurement data. Our company also supply the non contact inspection with our laser scanning service.

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