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Reverse Engineering

Sample analysis, drawing, development and production.

Reverse Engineering technology enables the duplication of an existing part by capturing the component’s physical dimensions, features, and material properties. In this way this method particularly help us to replace original parts in a timely, significant financial investment and cost-effective manner.. Moreover, the process of reversed engineered can reproduced the same standards as the originals and can be produced in an unlimited number of standards and in large quantities.

Part2b develops solutions to meet the customer’s individual need for currently inaccessible and/or unreacheable parts by using 3D drawing for reverse engineering. In addition, Where there is no information about the dimensions of an object except for the physical item itself, the quickest and most reliable way to reproduce it will be by reverse engineering.

We specialise in high precision CNC machining, assembly, casting, fabrication and reverse engineering applyingg the most modern CNC milling, CNC turning, 3D design and laser scanning systems.

A Reverse engineering service is offered by our mechanical design and precision CNC machining experts.

With reverse engineering, a 3D model can be quickly captured in digital form and remodelled, analysed if necessary or exported in order to achieve improved design iterations for a variety of manufacturing methods such as Additive Manufacturing, Vacuum Casting or CNC machining. All our processes are done using the latest laser scanning technology and Solidworks design software.

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